Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Electrical Panels and Breaker Upgrades

Electrical Panels/ Breaker Upgrades:

Electrical Panels are an essential part of any home as it is the source or central supply of electricity coming from the power service provider. The Electrical Panel distributes power to all major electrical fixtures in the home through wirings and electrical outlets. It is a critical power component, as it can shut off electrical supply in any home in the event of a need or an emergency. It should always be properly maintained and in good running condition to ensure electrical safety inside the home, and at the same time avoid electrical fires, and possible electrocution.

Apart from regular maintenance, Electrical Panels also need to be upgraded from time to time so as to ensure that the electrical requirements of appliances inside the home, matches the panel’s capacity. Upgrades may also be needed in view of wear and tear, need for additional power capacity, a home renovation, and to meet requirements set forth by the law or a homeowner’s association. Older homes may also require new panels to meet power capacity requirements in view of new appliances and electrical fixtures.

Green Electric Solutions can help evaluate whether you will need to upgrade your existing Electrical Panel or Breaker, and at the same time provide that service for your home. A free no-obligation estimate will be provided to help you decide on the installation of a new electrical panel or breaker.

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