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What does an apprentice electrician do?

All about apprenticeship


Apprenticeship is a very integral part in the road to becoming a licensed electrician. (Photo Credits)

The term apprentice electrician maybe common, but not everyone fully understand what the term means, and what such a career entails.

The website Electrician Apprenticeship Headquarters described what an electrician apprentice does, and what their duties and responsibilities are. The information was aimed at guiding those interested to become one to pursue licensure. American Lighting Association           

“Apprentice Electricians are required to take a certain amount of academic courses each year. The amount varies between each licensing agency; this is usually a state requirement. Topics of training can include electrical theory, blueprint reading, National Electrical Code updates, and OSHA safety. In some apprenticeships the apprentices also learn first aid, study local and state building electrical codes. Specialized training in areas such as welding, communications, or fire alarm systems can lead to acquiring other certifications which increases the apprentices value.”

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Read the rest of the information from the original text here.

What should apprentice electricians accomplish?

The website also came out with an explanation on what apprentice electricians do and what is expected of their training. The informative guide also included the requirements an apprentice should possess before he can qualify for apprenticeship. Master Electrician

“Apprenticeships typically last between four and five years. Each year, apprentices complete at least 2,000 hours of training on the job and 144 hours of classroom training. Those who have completed high school or vocational school training may receive credit for their training. Apprentices must work under the direct supervision of a licensed electrician.”

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Check out the full article here.

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The website Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities also shared some information on how to become an apprentice electrician. In their guide, they explained the steps on how to get into an apprenticeship.

“A common first step in learning how to become an electrician apprentice is to apply with the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)—the national voice of the electrical construction industry, committed to bettering the industry through research, education, advocacy, and standards development. The NECA sponsors over 300 joint training apprenticeship programs, and can allow electrical apprentices to earn a wage while gaining industry-standard skills and knowledge.”

Read the rest of the steps, plus more information here.

Being an apprentice electrician is one of the major steps into acquiring that license to practice being an electrician as a profession.

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How to become a Master Electrician

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Electrician’s advice on choosing the right extension cord

Picking an extension cord

Life is Like an Extension Cord

What kind of extension cord should be used outdoors? (Photo Credits)

There are different types of extension cord and it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for the home. There too are a lot of considerations that should be taken into account when buying one. This is because each type of extension cord comes with a purpose, and safety features meant to prevent possible problems during use.

State Farm came up with a guide on selecting the right extension cord for both outdoor and indoor use. This so that their clients can familiarize themselves with the different types of cords, and avoid accidents such as electrical fires. Build Safe    

“Purchase only cords that have been approved by an independent testing laboratory. For outdoor projects, use only extension cords marked for outdoor use. Read the instructions (if available) for information about the cord’s correct use and the amount of power it draws. Select cords that are rated to handle the wattage of the devices with which they’ll be used. A cord’s gauge indicates its size: The smaller the number, the larger the wire and the more electrical current the cord can safely handle. Also consider the length you’ll need. Longer cords can’t handle as much current as shorter cords of the same gauge. Choose cords with polarized or three-prong plugs.”

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Bookmark the original article from here.

What to use for specific appliances

Technology Blog Gizmodo came up with a list of commonly used household appliances and electronics that may be plugged into an extension cord. With the list came their recommendations on the kind of extension cord to utilize. Electrician

“Table lamp. Use an 18-gauge, two-prong, light-duty extension cord. It can handle up to 7 amps up to 25 feet—perfect for discreetly running to a nightstand from the outlet behind the bed. A retractable cord, like this one from TV Time Direct, cuts down on clutter. Laptop computer. A 14-gauge, three-prong, medium-duty cord is a general-purpose tool ideal for powering small household appliances, like a laptop. Treadmill. Treadmill manufacturers generally discourage the use of an extension cord with the product. But if you can’t move your exercise equipment closer to the outlet, go with a cord made specifically for treadmills—like the 9-foot Treadcord.”

Read the whole list here.

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Lowe’s meanwhile came up with tips on how to use extension power cords safely. They emphasized that extension cord use comes with safety risks so safety measures should be observed.

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“Match your cord to the work environment, whether indoor or outdoor. Outdoor-rated cords have durable covers to protect from weather and damage. You can use an outdoor-rated extension cord inside; however, using indoor power cords outside could lead to overheating or exposure to moisture. Make sure the number of prongs (two or three) fit the outlet you’ll be using. Some specialty plugs are available, such as extension cords for receptacles on RVs. Check the tool you’ll be using before you go shopping to avoid extra trips.”

The continuation of the tips can be found here.

Extension cords should only be used on a temporary basis. If it has to be used regularly then that indicates that the outlets available are not enough. Get in touch with a licensed electrician contractor to address the matter.

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Electrician’s tips on rewiring a period home


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Electrician’s tips on rewiring a period home

Preserving details while ensuring safety


There are ways to rewire an old home without doing much damage. (Photo Credits)

Some homeowners hesitate about rewiring their older, classic homes because of the damage that it may bring to their home structure. After all rewiring run through walls and even ceilings and most of these may affect the classic details of period homes.

Fortunately, there are new techniques electricians implement to rewire a home without being too invasive. The website Old House Online for instance shared tips on how to rewire a period property with just minimal damage. Builders and Contractors

“First and foremost, it’s critical to understand that you’re dealing with an older building—and if keeping the structure of that building relatively intact is your top priority, you need to say so up front. Chances are you may have to pay a little extra to protect your building, but a few preventive dollars and hours can save big sums spent on restoring battered walls and weakened structures.”

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Check out their ten tips here.

Less damage to walls

Fine Homebuilding also came up with advice for property owners who are looking at rewiring their period property. In an article, they posted their experience in restoring an older home, and how they were able to overcome the challenges that came with it. Electricians   

“In March, I did a full-house rewiring of a 1920s two-story house that has a flat roof and a 1-ft. crawlspace. Without an attic or viable crawlspace for running wires, the job looked like a lengthy exercise in opening the walls, drilling studs and then patching the walls. To complicate matters even further, the walls were plaster over wood lath. All the drilling was bound to damage the existing plaster, which was still in good shape. “

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The continuation of this article can be found here.

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Home improvement website Real Homes also came up with advice on how to make rewiring less invasive such that details of older homes would not get damaged.

“Unfortunately fitting new cabling and sockets is disruptive to a home’s fabric, so try to have  electrics work carried out at the early stages of renovating or refurbishing, and at the same time as any central heating or plumbing alterations. It’s best if you can move out when the work is taking place. The best way to approach electrical work in old properties is to consign as much as possible of the installation out of view in nonsensitive areas (ancillary rooms or voids such as floor cavities) to minimise its physical and visual impact.”

Take a look at the rest of the advice here.

Period homes indeed can still be safe through rewiring.

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Electrician’s Advice on Safe Use of Portable Power Generators

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Electrician’s Advice on Safe Use of Portable Power Generators

Power Generators

Portable Generator for sale

Portable power generators can be a big help during extended power outages. It however can be a safety hazard too so proper use and professional installation is needed. (Photo Credits)

Portable power generators are very helpful especially during extended power outages. For some it is a relief especially during the dead of the night, or during hot days, or the biting cold winter.

There however are downsides to portable power generator use, especially when they are not utilized properly.

The Electrical Safety Foundation International has published an infographic on the statistics plus safe use of portable power generators. This is to support their educational campaign on safe generator use. Master Electrician

In their guide, they emphasized the importance of having the generator installed only by a licensed electrician contractor, to ensure safe use.

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“NEVER operate a generator INSIDE your home or in other enclosed or partially-enclosed spaces, including GARAGES. A generator is a TEMPORARY power source and should never be used as a permanent solution. NEVER connect generators directly to household wiring without first installing a TRANSFER SWITCH. This prevents backfeeding which could electrocute utility workers making repairs. Make sure your generator is properly grounded and used with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI).”

Read the rest of the safety guidelines here.

The website Consumer Reports shared the same advice, emphasizing how important it is to not operate the generator indoors lest poisoning can occur. American Lighting Association           

“Running a generator improperly can kill you in as little as 5 minutes if the concentration of carbon monoxide is high enough. The CPSC estimates that about 50 people die per year from carbon monoxide poisoning related to using a generator improperly. We want you to be safe.”

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Check out their list of safety tips to keep in mind here.

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The Missouri Department of Public Safety also published a comprehensive guide on Portable Power Generator Safety. In their guide they emphasized that portable generators are only for temporary use.

“You will not be able to use all appliances at once. You may have to turn off some appliances to avoid overload. And make sure any connected appliances are off before starting the generator. Generators should be used for emergency standby power ONLY and for short periods of time. Refrigerators do not need to run 24 hours a day to keep food fresh. Monitor the internal temperature, which should be kept at 40 degrees or below. Make sure you have working, properly installed carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in your home. CO is an odorless, colorless gas produced by fuel combustion that can make you ill with flu-like symptoms and in extreme cases can be fatal.”

Check out the complete list of tips here.

Portable power generators are useful, but it has to be utilized properly to avoid fatal accidents.

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Electricians tips on buying a new home



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Electricians tips on buying a new home

Inspect before purchase

Electrical Installation 2013

What are the signs that a potential new home may have an electrical issue? (Photo Credits)

While most property buyers do not possess a trained eye to detect if the home they are buying have electrical issues, there are signs that could tell if there are problems in the offing.

Apartment Therapy says the first thing a home buyer should do in terms of inspecting electrical fixtures in a home they want to buy is the electrical panel. American Lighting Association

“Open The Electrical Panel – A clean and labeled panel is a happy panel. Something that looks like squirrels got up inside can signal trouble. Look for loose wires or ones that simply don’t connect to anything. It could signal that there’s live wires inside the walls!”

Electrician’s Advice on Installing Garden Lights

Read more here.

What to inspect

The Spruce also encourages its readers to check on electrical fixtures, and they strongly encourage to bring in a qualified electrician contractor to undertake an electrical safety inspection. Master Electrician 

“There are plenty of common electrical mistakes that people make. Along with that, you may be wondering if the old wiring is safe? Another concern may be whether your home has aluminum wiring. You can check for incorrect electrical wiring and save yourself a big headache later. After all, this is the home you are thinking about purchasing and you don’t want surprises or large expenses later to repair problem areas.”

Electrician’s Solar Solution for Mobile Homes

Check out the whole write-up here.

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The cost of hiring an electrician to inspect a prospective home may be an additional expense, but an article published by Home Advisor will make one think that it is all worth it. That the expense is way cheaper compared to the possible financial setback that a problematic electrical system may bring.

“Overloaded circuits are fire hazards, as are the DIY plug additions if they weren’t done properly. Depending on where you live, the cost to bring a house’s electrical system entirely up to code is from $10,000 to $15,000. If only part of your house needs to come up to code, the cost depends on what exactly is needed. Electrical work should only be done by a licensed electrician!”

Take a look at the whole article here.

Inspecting a home prior to inking the deal, is definitely a must do to ensure safety.

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Electrician’s Take on a Power Line hitting a Home


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Historical and Cultural sites in Huntington Beach

Taking a walk down the memory lane in Huntington Beach could be an interesting activity. It surely will entertain and at the same time educate both locals and tourists about the past that Huntington Beach holds.

Historical and Cultural sites in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach Circa 1938. (Photo Credits)

There are a lot of historical spots to visit in the city to get to know the city’s history more. In their webpage, the Huntington Beach Historical Society is encouraging both locals and visitors alike to get to know Huntington Beach more and keep its history alive by visiting its museum. Best Resort Hotels in Huntington Beach

“One of the best ways to keep history alive in our community is to visit the remaining historic sites and attractions we have left. Come by the Newland House Museum for a tour of the home of some of Huntington Beach’s first residents or come to our many free historical events throughout the year including Southern California’s largest Civil War reenactment, HB Civil War Days, hosted by the HB Historical Society on Labor Day Weekend in Central Park.”

Take a virtual tour from their official website here.


Newland Museum

The online publication Huntington Beach News described further in the Newland House Museum. They also posted photos, schedules and rates for those who may be interested to visit. Read more on Huntington Beach California

“The Newland House Museum (pictured above) is the oldest residence built in the city of Huntington Beach and is maintained by the Huntington Beach Historical Society for all to see. This house was built in 1898 for Huntington Beach pioneers William and Mary Newland and their ten children. The original Newland ranch extended from Beach Blvd. to Magnolia and from Yorktown south to Atlanta for a total of 500+ acres in which they planted lima beans, sugar beets, celery and later chili peppers. The house is open for tours to the public. “

Check out the pictures here.

Trip Down Memory Lane

The website Surf City USA also published yet another suggested historical route in Huntington Beach, Orange County which visitors may want to take. Best Surf Bar in Huntington Beach

One of the routes they mentioned is the downtown Huntington Beach walk which includes: “Examples of California Bungalow architecture built in 1922 along 8th Street. (2) Pristine Motor Sports, built in the 1920s as a gas station and auto repair garage. (3) A stand-alone jail cell, built in 1916 as the original jail. (4) M.E. Helme House Furnishing Co. building, the only unaltered pre-1910 commercial building in town. (5) Community Bible Church, one of the oldest standing churches in town. (6) Site of the old legendary Surf Theater.”

Read their other suggested routes here.

Huntington Beach indeed has a deep history worth learning about.


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Best Resort Hotels in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach will always be a much-coveted vacation destination because of the Oceanside life that it offers, and the luxury hotels that dot the whole location.

Whatever recreational, or creature comfort requirements you may need, five star hotels in Huntington Beach will gladly answer.

Best Resort Hotels in Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach view at night. (Photo Credits)

Steps away from the Beach and Shopping Centers is the Waterfront Beach Resort. Apart from offering beach fun, everything that is needed to have a luxurious stay in a resort destination is provided by this resort hotel. In their official website, they took pride that they are an AAA Four-Diamond Award-Winning Resort that provides beachside activities, shopping and entertainment options. They also described their amenities further. Kid-Friendly Activities in Orange County

“The resort offers a large, tropical swimming pool, heated year-round and overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Soak in the whirlpool spa or reserve a private cabana with flat-screen TV and Xbox gaming console. Finish a busy day with a workout in the fitness center or take a leisurely stroll or bike ride down the famous Huntington Beach Boardwalk.”

Check out their official website here.

Surf and Stay

Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach and Resort Spa is yet another hotel that offers luxury accommodation for beach lovers and relaxation seekers. It may not be a beachfront hotel, but they have a private walk that leads their guests directly to the beach! Read on for more info on Huntington Beach CA

Their website also details the services and amenities that they offer.

“Wake up to ocean views, surrounded by contemporary, Spanish-style architecture, at Hyatt Regency Huntington Beach Resort & Spa. See what makes Surf City unlike any other beach town on the California coast, from surfing lessons on Huntington Beach to oceanfront shopping and dining. Or venture out to find Orange County attractions like the Aquarium of the Pacific and Disneyland®, just a half-hour away. Seek balance at our own Pacific Waters Spa, savor locally-sourced So-Cal cuisine and artisan cocktails at Watertable, or lounge by our lagoon-style pool. “

Take a look at their rates here.

Right into the action

For families and vacation goers who may want to stay in a hotel that is right next to the beach, then Pasea Hotel and Spa could just be it. The website Family Vacation Critis has posted its reviews on La Pasea, and they generally recommend it to families wanting to spend time in the beach, and stay in a hotel that has great amenities. In addition, they underscored that the hotel is Pet-Friendly! Historical and Cultural sites in Huntington Beach

“Overlooking the Pacific Ocean and steps from the Huntington Beach Pier, the new Pasea Hotel & Spa opened in 2016 to bring another beachfront luxury hotel offering to the charming surf town of Huntington Beach. Two hundred and 50 guestrooms and suites feature beach house designs with private balconies, 48-inch flat-screen TVs, Keurig coffee makers and deep-soaking tubs. Traditional rooms provide a king or two queen beds. Studio suites provide a king bed with neighboring sofa bed while one-bedroom suites separate the two into different rooms. Onsite dining is available at Tanner’s rooftop patio bar, and quick bites can be grabbed in Blend Café. The hotel provides a Surf Butler to help families spend a day on the ocean, and provides beach chairs, umbrellas and more for a day at the beach. (Both are additional.) A pet-friendly property, guests with dogs receive pet beds, food and water dishes and clean up bags.”

Read more about their La Pasea review here.

Luxury beach life is indeed possible when in Huntington Beach, Orange County!


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