Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Electrical Code Corrections

Electrical Code Corrections

The guidelines of the National Electrical Code is meant to ensure the electrical safety of every home or establishment in the country. At Green Electric Solutions, we ensure that the homes and commercial establishments that we service properly adhere to its guidelines.

Our licensed expert electricians have all been trained, and remain well informed about the latest code requirements to ensure home and establishment safety. We make sure that the minimum to maximum voltages for electrical fixtures are followed, and at the same time average temperature rise, installation of required wirings, as well as mechanical and electrical procedures are followed to the letter.

As we always say, our customer’s safety remains to be our number one priority. We can provide you electrical code corrections service to ensure your property’s adherence to these government safety guidelines. We can initially conduct a safety and code inspection in your home or commercial property, and then provide necessary recommendations on the upgrades or repairs that should be made. In addition we can provide a free and no obligation estimate for this to help you decide on whether to pursue electrical code corrections in your property.

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