Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Unique Key Chains

The Key Chains That Will Make You Smile

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One-of-a-kind Key Chains. (Photo Credits)

Key Chains are so important but they are often neglected because it is just a normal part of everyday life for many people.
But once you lose it, or cannot find one when you need one, that is when you start valuing a key chain’s worth. SG24HrSingapore #1Locksmith

For hot sauce lovers, this key chain featured over at LA Times is invaluable.

“It’s happened to almost every Sriracha fan at some point in their lives. You’re at a pizza restaurant or your local burrito spot and realize with horror that there’s no Sriracha around. The guy at the pizza counter offers you red pepper flakes, and the nice woman making your burrito hands you a bottle of Tapatio, as if that’s going to help the situation. A Sriracha bottle key chain called Sriracha2Go could be the answer to having a little of your favorite hot sauce on hand, at all times. It’s a 1.25-ounce, pocket-sized bottle with a key ring, meant to be filled with Sriracha.”

Check out the Sriracha Key Chain here.

For those who want to be crafty, mycomputerismycanvas.blogspot.com meantime featured an instructional on how to make beaded bottle cap keychains.

“It all started a few months ago when I ventured into something new… which was designing bottle cap sized (1″) printables! I had seen them made up with beads online – but had NO CLUE where to begin. So, I signed up for two hour Jewelry 101 Class at Joann’s and since then, this new little beading hobby of mine has taken me by storm! I am absolutely inspired by all the colorful beads and have loved marrying them with the bright patterns and colors of my printables.”

Check out the step-by-step instruction guide here.

This creative blog meantime featured key chains that would make anyone’s day brighter.

Becraftyworkshop.com featured step-by-step instructions on how to make ombre key rings. “Using a variety of ombre pink paint colors I painted the beads and then coated them with a clear layer of polycrylic. While the paint dried I grabbed a couple unpainted beads and spray painted them with a gold metallic spray paint. I also coated a few with gold glitter. Using leather string I strung the beads together and knotted the bottom. On the top I made a loop so I could add a key chain ring.”

Take look at the Step-by-step instructions here.

So what keychain are you using?


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