Monday, September 14, 2015

Love Locks are out, Lock Themed Romantic Street Art is in

Romantic Lock-Themed Art

Pont des Arts

PARIS: Love locks replaced with lock-themed romantic street arts. (Photo Credits)

When they removed the famous pad lock ‘love locks’ a lot of star-crossed lovers have been saddened. But artsy country France, knows how to turn something around, as they unveiled Lock-themed art in the same location where the love locks have been situated before. shared this update. “Panels of street art have been installed on Paris’s Pont des Arts to replace the hundreds of thousands of “love locks” that weighed down the bridge’s balustrade until the city began removing them last week. The temporary exhibition on the theme of love, assembled by Paris gallerist Mehdi Ben Cheikh, is intended to cover the railing with an alternative attraction for romantics no longer able to immortalise their love by attaching a padlock and throwing the key into the River Seine.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Romantic Street Art

Website also featured the same exhibition.

“After bluntly saying ‘non’ to your shitty love locks—paired with smugly pursed lips, dangling a cigarette—Paris has upped and removed thousands of locks from the historic Pont Des Arts, after a curious tourist phenomenon, spurred by lust, legitimately threatened the structural integrity of a timeless monument…To curb the movement, street art inspired by the love locks was erected instead. Clever move. The scene has become a tourist attraction in and of itself, still luring heady couples to its mark on Paris’ map, but deterring the lock-hanging propensities of yore. One work, by notorious Franco-Tunisian street artist el Seed, reads, in Arabic: ‘Paris is in truth an ocean, you can plumb it but you’ll never know its depths.’”

Check out the romantic street art here.

CBS News also took fancy of the changes in the bridge as it shared 33 photos on the street art that replaced the areas where the love locks have been affixed. Singapore Location

“Instead of “love locks,” the Pont des Arts bridge in Paris is now decorated with love graffiti. Paris authorities last week ripped off 45 tons of padlocks affixed by lovers to the bridge over the Seine River. The city said the locks are damaging landmark sites, and a chunk of fencing on the bridge fell under their weight. Residents also decried the appearance of the locks. They were replaced by temporary panels of city-commissioned street art that are receiving mixed reactions.

Check out the many photos they uploaded here.

So what do you prefer, locks or street art?

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