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Alternative Uses of a Document Shredder

It is not just meant to shred paper.


Yes, it can do more than just destroying those ‘for your eyes only’ documents. (Photo Credits)

Paper shredders are a staple in offices, shops, and smaller versions are being bought even by homeowners. Why? Because identity theft is rampant, and important and confidential – but outdated – documents all need to be disposed securely.

But do you know that apart from shredding documents, paper shredders also have other alternative uses?

WonderHowTo.Com for instance shared in one of its posts that paper shredders can be used to make pasta. Yes you read it right, pasta. “Normally, office supplies and food don’t mix, but you can use a paper shredder to make fresh pasta in your very own home (…or office). In other words, you don’t have to buy a bulky and expensive piece of equipment to make fresh pasta. If you already have a paper shredder, you can simply feed pasta dough through it for perfect tagliatelle noodle strips that will taste far better than anything you can buy at the store.”

Read more here.

Amazing Works of Art.

MyModernMet.Com meantime featured an artwork that is just so impressive. “Artist Travis Rice’s colorful installations are made up of thousands of strips of shredded paper that mimic the natural world in a whimsical way. Depending on how much imagination you employ, the paper columns and lakes can look like colorful underwater forests, rainbow-tinted jellyfish tentacles or the rippling surface of a Technicolor ocean. Although the finished products look exotic, on his website, Rice reveals that he resorts to a common office appliance to help him craft the installations — a document shredder.”

Electrician. Check out the photos here.

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But for a professional paper shredder, destroying private documents is still the best function of the paper shredder. American Lighting Association

NBC Montana a professional document shredder who does the rounds of government offices year after year, to shred outdated documents for them securely.

“Most of us probably don’t think much about what government and businesses do with the mounds of paper they collect. But on shredding day in Hamilton, NBC Montana met a man whose profession is to destroy old papers to make room for more. Outside the Ravalli County Courthouse, workers were sorting tons of old records that were at the age where they could be disposed of. Phil Palm is a security services representative for Recall. He is a paper shredder.”

Read the rest of the story here.

So will you soon be making pasta??

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